‘Odd’ tomte art doll

90 USD

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The tomte  (or hustomte, or gårdstomte, or tomtenisse, etc) is the Scandinavian equivalent of the British brownie. When treated with respect  the tomte protects and cares for the house, farm and animals, and is particularly fond of horses. When mistreated or disrespected, however, the tomte is known to become vengeful and petty, and though small of stature can cause huge problems to the ungrateful.

This tomte doll named Odd measures around 26 cm tall, boots to hat tip. 

His face and boots are hand sculpted from polymer clay, and are therefor entirely unique. 

His characteristic pointy wool hat is needle-felted, his sweater hand knitted, and the rest of his clothes as well as his beard are made from 100% recycled textiles. 

He has a wire base and fully poseable arms and legs, so he can sit or stand up depending on where he will be displayed.

Odd is completely unique and hand made, making him a one of a kind addition to any tomte connoisseur’s collection.

(Seen here with Gunvi.)

tomte gnome brownie hustomte gårdstomte