About the Artist

Hi! I'm Liselotte, a self taught artist from and in Sweden. I've been posting and selling my work online for 20 years, and art is my full time job since a few years back.

I draw my inspiration mainly from the nature and faerie lore of Sweden and Britain, as well as all the fascinating and  beautiful people around me.

I love children's picture books and classic storybook illustrations. Artistic influences include Brian Froud, John Bauer, Arthur Rackham, Hans Arnold,  Norman Lindsay, Gustav Klimt and Richard Doyle.

Most of my paintings are made with a combination of watercolours, pencil and a touch of acrylics, though I occasionally venture into other mediums such as oil pastels. Once in a blue moon I do some photography as well.

I live north of Stockholm with my my cockatiels Taco and Keso. I enjoy gardening,  British comedy, documentaries, fleamarkets, the colour red, old cemeteries, dramatic music and embarrassingly sweet cocktails.

If you'd like to support me in what I do I suggest you consider becoming a monthly patron over on my Patreon page. My patrons get discounts, first dibs on new items and access to a patrons only feed with blog entries, progress shots and other behind the scenes material.